I just tasted a deep full bodied vinegar made with loblolly pine.  Anyone else make vinegars with "unusual" ingredients?

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You'll have to make more hyssop vinegar and take it to the Halifax market I'll buy some for sure. Beyond the vinegar I've started a bottle of elecampane root tincture, it will take six weeks to cure. 10-15 drops several times daily to clear lung infection (6 times daily) Take only if there is an infection, not for help in preventing, instead use mullein. I got this information from Susun Weed, she's wonderful for sharing all this knowledge, and anyone else willing to pass on the knowledge as well, you never know when it can save someone heart-ache. :)


I learned much of what I know about vinegars from Susun Weed.  Certainly the calcium properties of herbs came from her research.  I am giving a talk to a local Garden Club and I plan on making rosemary and peppercorn vinegar for everyone attending.  Hyssop is pretty sorrowful this time of year but rosemary hangs in there all year round.  I have elecampane but have never harvested it.  It is old enough now to harvest.  I think it needs to be 3 years old.  Got some Chinese celery this weekend to plant.  Not good raw but good in cooking.


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