When God coupled the earth with the breath of eternity, our souls and the soil were fused and our destinies perpetually intertwined. God with whom we live, breathe and have our being exists in Mother Earth, just as we exist on Mother Earth. What we do to Mother Earth, we do to God.

Dominion theology has led to domination, abuse and destruction. Every time we strip the land of its diversity, we strip a layer of humanity from our collective souls. Dominated land requires dominated people to work it. Plantations required slaves and agribusiness requires exploited immigrants. When we created corporate persons, and impregnated them with power, we bowed to our creation in the name of economic progress. And now our idol, these multi-national corporations, have become Frankensteins which stalk the Earth reeking destruction under the guise of progress.

Let us redeem ourselves with a Gospel of the Garden. Just as Christ redeems humankind back to union with God, we must redeem land to its diversity, water to its purity and air to its life giving force. Just as the land was “cursed” because of Adam, the land can be blessed by Adam’s seed. The destruction we have built can be dismantled like a leggo toy creation. Agro-ecologists are showing that bio-diversity and cultural diversity are twin peas in a pod when we follow God’s original plan.


Genesis 2 outlines a human habitat which is beautiful, providing shelter, food and medicine in generous measure. God created an abundant food production system with trees as its foundation, rather than removing trees as we do. God did not segregate beautiful trees from food producing trees, nor were crops segregated from the trees.  Fertilization and pollination occurred naturally. The diversity of native plants kept insects within balance. All that was required was pruning, harvesting abundant yield and restoring fertility to the soil. Music and dancing fed the soul of farmers and herders, while their labor fed the body. Culture was not separate from food production and art did not exist for its sake. Art existed to enlighten our daily living. Just as Wisdom was daily God’s delight (Proverbs 8), there was delight in the garden.

A 2000 year old food forest in Morocco bears witness to the consequences of following God’s landscaping plan. Even in the United States every human dwelling—every neighborhood, whether rural, urban, suburban, can protect our environment, and nurture permanent food systems which yield abundance and permanent peace. Let us share this Gospel of the Garden in our own yards and everywhere we work, play and pray.



Rev. M. Dele, a minister with dual affiliations in the United Church of Christ and Baptist denominations serves as a Climate Reality leader; and founder of Nature’s Friends, a faith based permaculture institute dedicated to training “Earth First Responders” in marginalized communities so that we All may adapt and thrive during climate change.

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Ever heard of the "Living Cedars of Russia" series by Vladimir Megre? According to him  the "Ved Rus" (the ancient Russians) pretty much lived according to what you call Gods plan centuries ago. Megre serves as the Boswell of "Anastasia", a descendant of these ancient Russians still living that way today in Siberia. The books are pretty inspiring and very interesting however much they strain credulity, which in places is quite a bit. Anyway, I thought you might find them interesting given your views stated above...

I should probably say that the books are not specifically Christian however (although I think you could say they are pro Christ and have some interesting things to say (and imply) about the Christian Religion...



Peace and Blessings to You!

Thanks so much for sharing information about this community in Russia!  

I was not aware of them and will look them up. Respectful interfaith dialogue is always welcome and appreciated on this site.  Critique and analysis helps collective consciousness to mature.  We cannot turn this climate situation around with only one set of religious ideas. And given the impact of some Christian ideas, those will need to change.


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