Do microbes find plants, or plants call for the microbes?

UC Berkley on Microbes

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This article is exactly what I've been looking for!  And to answer your question, I don't think it can be simplified down to an either/or answer. As mentioned in the article they do a fair trade, so it would be a 50-50 exchange.

"The sugar beets’ health followed the typical arc of plants in disease-suppressive soil: they enjoyed a few good years, then they succumbed to disease, followed by healthy beets again as pathogen-fighting microbes were activated and the soil became hostile to R. solani. To return the favor, the sugar beets funnel about a fifth of their photosynthetically captured carbon through their roots into the soil to fuel the microbes."

Since discovering these findings it only opens up even more questions, they now realize it isn't small groups of soil microbes responsible for creating the antibacterial agents, it is an effort of the whole community within the soil.

“We now see that the complex phenomenon of disease suppression in soils cannot simply be attributed to a single bacterial group, but is most likely controlled by a community of organisms,” says Andersen.

My next question is what will be the name of the specific scientific field that this falls under?

I'm so glad this worked for you!  

This is plant science as well as microbiology.  There are other names depending on how you apply the information.  Don't you love that "a community of organisms" ensures plant health ?    Dele

We individuals are or can become stewards of this planet more so than what we do in just day to day living. So many people are still asking themselves the question of what their purpose for being is, why they are here and at this specific time era. As stated by the very wise medicine people around this globe, we are part of the whole. Not only do we depend on plants to sustain our lives, they rely on us likewise. Now we are able to include the soil as having an intelligence to work toward sustaining the plants.

Microbes that are computing like highly evolved scientist in labs, what dis-ease the plant is having and what will throw off the bacteria and stop its attack on those plants. 

Much more sophisticated than what one has previously considered.

I like thinking back to the ancient world, when people of Athens Greece would wake in the morning and check on their fruit trees making sure not one ill leaf would show and maybe cause Athena to be disproving of their stewardship of the land. To lovingly nurture the fruit trees for the big day that those fruits would be given during ceremony to appease the gods of the land.

I like that line of thought. In the Biblical story of Adam and Eve, we find that when humans are out of touch with their Creator, the soil suffers.  So it seems the condition of the soul and soil are inter related......

That is a very interesting linking of information. Soul and soil, both containing intellect that can't be seen by the unaided eye but yet have extremely strong connections.

Back to this conversation again. So now they've found an organism in the rainforest that can eat polyurethane (PUR).

Plastic eating fungi

In other words, it can consume this plastic and utilize it for energy and substance.

So we can also closely speculate that this fungi is communicating with the soil and the plants within the region giving it a run down of what plastic is. Component by component, the plants will learn the code and likewise will be able to consume the plastic and spread the good news to other species that need nutrients for energy as well?

Do you know where we can obtain that locally?  I will make some inquiries at Virginia State...I would like to experiment with this...

Wouldn't that be neat? It is fairly a brand new idea, more than likely you will have to go through the Universities to get the information and possibly they would share the fungi through the labs. Keep me up to date on what you find out it sounds very interesting. 

It took me several attempts to watch this video, there were many things I had to do to ready this store for the week-end. I watched 8 minutes in and finally got to finish watching and I mean to tell you, it was worth the wait. I so loved everything they have found out, this is a huge part of what has and will save this planet and human suffering. This is what it's meant when our Native elders said we must go back to nature to survive in the future.


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