Creation Care and Community Care

On June 15th, we began our preparation for the Cuba tour by discussing the permaculture ethics of caring for people and fair share. Molly Rose Kaufman and Aubrey Murdock did a wonderful job explaining Urban Alchemy as a way to rebuild communities.…Continue

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The Gospel of the Garden 2 Replies

When God coupled the earth with the breath of eternity, our souls and the soil were fused and our destinies perpetually intertwined. God with whom we live, breathe and have our being exists in Mother Earth, just as we exist on Mother Earth. What we…Continue

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Faith and Ecology

EPA Oral Testimony presented   February6, 2014      Washington D.C.My name is Rev. M. Dele and I am here as a steering committee member of Virginia's Interfaith Power and Light affiliate. We have 4000 members who agree with President Obama that we…Continue

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Exited about joining Sunflower Seed School

I am kind of new to this but I just wanted to post how excited I am of joining this enriching opportunity!

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In 2015 the Nature’s Friends Network Invited leaders and students in communities of color, and allies, to an international conversation in Cuba to review policies and practices which comprise sustainability in our  neighborhoods.

We explored the economic forces binding food to table by visiting cooperative farms and restaurants. Through multi-disciplinary dialogue and experiential tours, we explored the socio-political forces that shape a community's relationship to land, ecological design and sustainable agriculture.

We began to shape answers to answer the question: How do people use their culture to maintain their eco systems?  This year we go deeper into water health and resilience:


ECO -Dialogue  9 Days   June 4-11, 2018       $2700

Water is life!  Come join conversations between leaders in communities of color and their allies around river health and water security. This tour will strengthen efforts to protect and restore waters that sustain all life. We will explore the Almendares River, a 45km (28 mi.) flowing landmark that originates from the east of Tapaste, moves through Havana and then north-west into the Straits of Florida.  Dialogues will reveal similarities between the Anacostia River and the Almendares; and cover efforts to monitor and control water pollution, reduce and rationalize industrial occupation, and the depollution of the Havana Bay.

Resiliency Training  14 days  June 10-24, 2018         $2100

Young adults 18-35 may apply to join this national network of resilience leaders who pledge to perform service projects upon their return to the United States.

We take the sustainability conversation deeper into a 14 day training including permaculture/agroecology .

Resilience training will:

  • Compare indigenous land management and modern permaculture design, agroecology and the emerging Afro-ecology
  • Discuss the invisible threads that hold together land, food, water health and security: public policies, cultural practices, land use patterns, generativity
  • Inquire into the role of faith communities in regard to land stewardship, food and water security

$500 Deposit Due  Feb.1, 2018  to Altru Vista Travel

Balance Due  April 15, 2018. 

Trip registration title: Nature's Friends EcoDialogue in Cuba

already registered and still need to pay the deposit:

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